04/26/2016 3:29pm

This is very much a work in progress whenever I find out about one who is more beautiful than any of these I will add her and kick out number ten Thanks for sharing the informative post.

05/16/2016 10:38pm

This is indeed a promising leap of science in the medical field. It was stated that the extremely fast growth potential of algae allows them to consume waterborne contaminants very quickly providing cleaner water. Meaning, there will be lower chances of ecosystem imbalance. Imagine the positive changes and help it can offer specifically to poor countries with poor or no medecial facilities at all and to the world as a whole. I hope that this innovation will be given a significant amount of attention and importance considering the huge potential that it characterizes.

11/02/2016 5:39am

Hmm, this video is very informative. I support this idea. You are 100% right.


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